Kid Cudi just can’t catch a break. After being dragged for his fashion faux-pas at the Met Gala, NBA fans blamed Cudi for spilling a drink that nearly caused a disaster for NBA superstar Steph Curry.

The rapper was sitting courtside at Staples Center taking in the Lakers vs Warriors game on Tuesday night. Decked out in a Space Jam Tune Squad jersey, he couldn’t have imagined what lay ahead.

Curry attempted a contested three-pointer in the third quarter of the game. When he landed after fading away slightly on the shot, he fell to the ground.

Cudi said that some other fans a couple of seats down from him spilled the drink. He said the liquid was spread by people walking through it. He noted that he had taken precautions against this exact scenario and therefore was innocent of any wrongdoing.


“These people a couple seats down from me. People kept walkin in it and it spread. Sh*t was everywhere. I put my drink under my seat off the floor to SPECIFICALLY avoid this situation. So yea. Thats the realla.”

Trainers at courtside taped Steph’s knee as Warriors fans could only watch in horror. Fortunately, he returned to the game and recorded a triple double.

Do you think Kid Cudi is really responsible for Steph slipping? Let us know in the comments!

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Michael Perry

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