On Friday night during a match between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, something interesting took place. The score was 50-49 in favor of the Warriors with 2:18 left on the clock in the second quarter. The home preseason game was going as usual until something rare happened.

Steph Curry stepped in for two shots, and missed a free throw. The audience in the stands were surprised to see that and probably the viewers at home too. The TV announcers took note of it too, saying: “There’s a tremor in the force because Steph Curry just missed a free throw. It’s always shocking and Steph is thinking, ‘I am the greatest free throw shooter of all time, this shouldn’t be happening to me!'”

Steph took the miss in stride and chuckled. Just when he throwing the second shot, LeBron James jokingly yelled, “Gimme 2, I ain’t ever seen it!” This made for a hilarious moment in the game. Steph was, however, able to successfully get the ball in the hoop this time despite what LeBron wanted.

The Warriors went on to win the match by defeating the Lakers with a score of 121-114. On October 19, both the teams will open the regular season as competitors in Los Angeles.


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Rayan Sayyed

Rayan is a freelance news contributor with an emphasis on entertainment and sports. He has extensively covered pro wrestling events and happenings from the music world since 2017. Aside from wrestling, Rayan is also into all things anime, manga, and horror movies. Is also a self-proclaimed connoisseur of K-pop girl groups.

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