Lala Kent and Randall Emmett have been going through a very rough patch. After a Reddit thread discussed the possible promiscuity of Randal Emmett with apparent video proof, it was reported that the couple has called it quits. However, there has been more developments in the story recently.

Emmett and Kent are trying to work out their relationship and saving their engagement according TMZ. The couple has apparently not called off their engagement, and are at home figuring out how to move forward together.

Lala went to the Beverly Hills Hotel in her girls night out as she usually does. According to the sources however, she returned home to her partner in their Bel-Air estate. While the stories of the night out convinced fans that she was ready to leave Emmett, her return marks a different interpretation.

Kent and Emmett have separated several times since Emmett proposed her in 2018. Since the stories that Kent posted upon her return suggest that it is most definitely their Bel-Air place, the rumors have all but proven to be true. Stay tuned for more, as this is a developing story.


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