Randall Emmett has landed in a controversial slump on social media. Emmett, who has been dating Lala Kent, is rumored to have been cheating on his girlfriend. The rumors of dating are backed by pictures of Emmett with two females on a Nashville night out.

“GirlGangz7733” was the Instagram account which received images of Emmett with the two mystery women. The page posted these pictures on their stories, with the source saying “saw Randall last night with two girls in Nashville that [were] not Lala. He tried to hide when we recognized him.”

Emmett has become subject to a lot of criticism from Reddit. While it’s not clear whether the photos include him because the pictures are taken from a far-away distance, it’s enough to fuel criticism for him. Many fans expressed that he has been cheating on Lala for a while, whereas others debated that cheating is in his nature.

Listen, I understand it’s horrible for anyone to experience a cheating partner but Lala knows what she got involved with. There have several [rumors] of him having a new mistress recently. With most blind items I don’t believe them but with this I do believe it. It could be a friend, a member of his staff etc but I 100% believe he is cheating on Lala (even if it’s not with one of these women)

If he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on you

God he’s so gross. He probably checked out from Lala the second she got pregnant

Not even considering partners-how can you do this to your children? I don’t get it


Lala Kent and Randall Emmett neither have come forward regarding the rumors. While both are active on their respective social media accounts, neither have addressed any of the noise on social media. That hasn’t stopped the online speculation, but only time will tell how either would react.

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