The Office is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. The fandom of the show includes people of all ages as the relatability of the show makes it appealing to every type of audience. Fans of the hit sitcom can now experience Scranton in Chicago by visiting the two-storey exhibit which features 17 rooms devoted to the show.

Located in the Magnificent Mile neighborhood in Chicago, fans of The Office can enjoy more than a dozen rooms chock full of trivia, games, and memorabilia an Pam’s pink cardigan to a fully featured recreation of the Dundler Mifflin Scranton branch office, even including the spot-on replicas of the conference and break rooms.

Hailed as the biggest official interactive fan exhibit of any media franchise ever, the exhibit is filled with props, and even the outside of the Scranton Business Park. There is a whole experience dedicated to Jim and Pam’s love story, which features a timeline of their romantic journey complete with a spot at Niagra Falls and the chapel where their wedding took place.

So much detail has been put into the exhibit that it even features stuff like the mold left behind from Jim’s prank on Dwight where he put his stapler in jello, vending machine, the toy collection that Michael had on his desk, etc.

The exhibition opened on Friday and will set up pop up shops around the US in the future.

Rayan Sayyed

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