Cam Newton is one of the most accomplished players in the history of NFL. The 32-year old was elected both the MVP and the rookie of the year when he made his entry into the NFL straight out of the college. While that speaks volumes about the legendary career he’s had, he doesn’t wanna stop just there.

Newton took to YouTube in order to reveal to his fans that he got vaccinated. He also made sure that everyone knew that he was willing to play in the NFL again. While he added that he had many offers, it was a matter of which one was right for him.

You’re probably asking yourself, ‘Don’t nobody want Cam.’ That’s a lie, I’ve been getting offers. But the realization of it is, it has to be right.

Cam Newton has such a great legacy that the Twitterverse still remains obsessed with his place in the NFL. Sportsnaut’s Buller-Russ explained that Newton stands as a natural choice for the Seattle Seahawks.

Though Geno Smith is finally getting his chance to start again after sitting on benches in various cities since 2017, his current status as a competent leader with potential may not last long. He looked refreshing in limited action filling in for Russell Wilson in Week 5, but Smith is who he is at this point. You can’t convince me Cam Newton wouldn’t be a superior option for the Seattle Seahawks in the long run, especially if Russ got traded.

Newton is definitely a great fit for the Seahawks. While Russell Wilson is taking his time to recover from a severe tendon injury in one of his fingers, Newton could take the Seahawks places. However, what would his place be in the team after Wilson returns might not be what Newton would be comfortable with.

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