G-Eazy’s grounded personality is no secret to anyone. The rapper literally takes it “eazy,” and stuck with the same tactic at one of his latest interviews. However, he revealed that he saw a certain someone twerking at a party after the Oscars.

Eazy got comfortable and lit himself up a joint, and opened up about many celebrities stories he was able to recall. In one of them where he’d dropped acid before heading to the Oscar’s party. He said that he felt he was “on the moon” as he hung around with other celebrities.

The rapper named an odd bunch of celebrities whom you’d not expect to see together. His story included Johnny Depp, Adam Sandler, Quavo and Madonna. He recalled:

I’m at the bar having a beer with Adam Sandler, it’s just that type of thing like Johnny Depp just walked in, Madonna over there twerking on Quavo, I’m like yo this is crazy.

G-Eazy’s story does seem crazy, but it’s not out of the box. Madonna and Quavo did work together on Madonna’s “Future“, which was featured on her Madame X album. Quavo has been going over a breakup with Saweetie, which has made it very clear that she has no intensions of being with the Migos rapper. Regardless, much remains to be investigated.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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