Staind singer Aaron Lewis turned his Oct. 7 concert in Grand Prairie, Texas into a political rally when he stopped a song and spoke his mind.

Aaron Lewis stopped the intro to his song and said that he wrote it with some buddies during lockdown. He made an off-handed comment about not doing it on the Staind tour, while insinuating that those fans wouldn’t be receptive to its “meaning.”

Lewis then blamed the Democrats for every social injustice, Jim Crow laws and KKK meetings.

Aaron Lewis then said that he used to love history class. That got a cheer from the crowd who knew where he was heading with his statement. “If we all paid attention in our f*cking history classes, we would know that the Democrats are responsible for every f*cking scar that exists on this country,” he said. Then the It’s Been A While singer continued with a plea.

“Can we please embrace history so we don’t fucking repeat it? Please!

“I implore all of you. Please, go look it up yourself. I don’t want you to believe me. I don’t want you to think that just because I have this microphone what I’m saying is true. I want you to go and look it the fuck up yourself. Find out for yourself. Wake up.”

“That might have been a little much,” he added while starting Am I The Only One. “But I never said a word on the entire Staind tour; I just wore awesome t-shirts. And I felt like I was being silenced.”

This was quite a rant at and Aaron Lewis show, but his audience seemed behind him. A shout of “F*ck Joe Biden” rang out as well, but they were unsuccessful in getting a chant going. You can check out the video below.

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H Jenkins

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