James Franco and Seth Rogan were recently called out in a big way by Charlyne Yi, who starred in Knocked Up among other projects. She called them out for gaslighting and said that Franco is a “sexual predator.”

Yi was also in The Disaster Artist with Franco, a film which he directed. She claims that producers tried to “bribe” her when she wanted to quit the film because of Franco. She wrote the following in an Instagram post.

CW predatory abuse, gaslighting

The reporters who interviewed the women that spoke out against Franco should have been trauma informed, educated themselves on psychopaths, predatory behavior, survivors with cptsd/ptsd, and made a foundation to su s sort them.

The people who gave Franco a platform should have done all of the above, & understood the power imbalance: Franco being a celebrity with power, money, expensive powerul lawyer, already psychologically abused them so they are triggered even defending themselves— and is then offered huge TV platforms to gaslight survivors, sending his supporters to target those women.

Which is all violence on top of trauma.

In 2018, five women, including four of Franco’s acting students, came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct. A settlement was reached in January in that case.

Yi captioned her post to say that women don’t feel safe speaking to the media about these things. There are far too many victims who remain silent because of this.

Women do not feel safe to speak out when media and jurisdiction empowers powerful rich predators, and do not care to invest in educating themselves with tools to support survivors. —There are many women (some who were preyed on & groomed as *children*) who have not publicly shared about Franco. Please support the people who have.

Edits: gaslighting can also lead to self-blame and denial in which the survivor forgets or minimizes the abuse, continuing relationships with abusers, and not being able to see redflags from predators who may target them.

James Franco and Seth Rogan have not publicly commented about this post from Charlyne Yi. We will continue monitoring this situation here at Thirsty.

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