Kanye West claims to have been a visionary, and this is backed up by his attempts at gaining the presidency last year. While the 60,000 votes he got were not remotely enough to get him across, the rapper has found other avenues to make an impact.

West told Joe Rogan on his appearance on JRE podcast last year that music is something that he pays to make at that point. However, he spoke a lot about starting different projects, and he’s close to making the DONDA school a real possibility.

Donda West was Kanye’s mother, and most of his meaningful projects are named after her. The former Chicago State University’s English department professor still influences her life. Hollywood Life reached out to the newly founded institute about Kanye’s contribution. The mission statement of the institution reads:

Using an ethic of integrity and care, Donda Academy prepares students to become the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators by providing them with a world-class education that includes a rigorous core curriculum and emphasis on sustainability, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.


Kanye West recently made headlines after he was seen with former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. He almost made it on the guest list to Kim Kardashian’s SNL debut.

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