Michael Jordan’s sneakers are expected to be the most valuable sneakers that would be over offered at an auction. The fine arts company Sotheby’s will open advanced bidding on Friday to auction off Jordan’s first pair of sneakers that he worn as a pro. It’s the red and white Nike Air Ships.

Sotheby’s says that the sneakers could fetch up to $1 million to over $1.5 million, which would make this the highest estimate for a pair of sneakers to be ever sold in an auction. The price may sound excessive but Jordan’s Air Ships are considered a piece of rare sneaker history.

Brahm Wachter, the head of Sotheby’s streetwear and modern collectables, told CNBC that Michael Jordan’s items are perhaps the most coveted. “We put up a lot of other valuable memorabilia items, but I would say on a kind of ongoing and continuous basis Michael Jordan’s market is really strong,” he said.

$615,000 is the current record for a pair of sneakers sold at an auction. It was for a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 High from 1985. It was sold in August 2020, just over a year ago.


During his fifth pro game ever on November 1, 1984, Jordan wore the red and white Air Ships. It was gifted by Jordan to a former Denver Nuggets ball boy following the game. The auction for the pair will take place live from MGM’s Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on October 24.

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