Disgraced rapper R. Kelly is currently rotting in prison n a separate federal indictment that includes child pornography, sexual exploitation of children and conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Government. He has been labelled as a predator and even tried to have charges against him dropped.

As reported earlier, R.Kelly was found guilty on all counts in his federal trial. The disgraced rapper hasn’t yet been sentenced for those 9 counts of sex crimes. Even his victims spoke out in relief after the guilty verdict.

As reported earlier, YouTube took down two of R. Kelly’s channels. RKellyTV and RKellyVevo we removed while YouTube prohibited Kelly from using, creating or owning any other channels on the platform.

It seems many of the rapper’s fans were outraged after his YouTube channels were deleted and took to Twitter in order to voice a protest against YouTube’s actions.

All of R. Kelly’s albums are climbing up the iTunes Charts right now. That YouTube news put fear in everyone’s heart.

There’s a lot of things R. Kelly has produced and written that are still available on official YouTube channels. Weinstein was ousted from the Weinstein Company so he’s no longer making money from any Miramax film so this statement isn’t valid.

Youtube had no business removing R.Kelly’s music catalog. Most of us still, and will still listen to his hits

They took R Kelly music off YouTube but Harvey Weinsteins films are still being sold & streamed worldwide

YouTube just remove all R Kelly channel with all his music videos this stuff just gotten ridiculous we gotta keep R Kelly name alive!!! Don’t be afraid to expose these liars that’s tearing up R Kelly life !!! #Free R Kelly#

R. Kelly also released a statement after his conviction. R. Kelly is likely to be behind bars for a very long time and we wonder if he will be given a maximum life sentence in the end.

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