Matt Riddle has been earning a lot of the good will from the fans after his debut on the main roster. The WWE superstar has been teaming up with Randy Orton for quite a while, which has resulted in many interesting angles. The King of Bros also has a lot of opinions on MMA since that’s his background.

Riddle was featured on this week’s episode of After The Bell. After being posed a question about what he thinks about celebrity athletes boxing each other, Riddle expressed that he thinks they’re shrewd businessmen who are capable of driving the crowds’ expectations to their own advantages.

The Bro explained his stance using Conor McGregor as an example. He said that while he wants to criticize Conor, the overall marketability that the UFC superstar has maintained is very much on point.

They’re smart. We can all say, ‘They’re stupid, they’re buying all this jewelry, this, that, whatever.’ Dude, they’re rich, they’re making great moves, they’re always the talk of the town and that’s that. You can’t really… it’s like Conor McGregor, I want to talk trash on him sometimes, but it’s like the guy is really good and he’s got his whiskey and he’s so good at marketing himself, everything is just so good that, what can I do? I wish I was good at that stuff.

Matt Riddle has been getting a lot of criticism from Vince McMahon over his tendency to “overstep boundaries.” Riddle also recently stated that he thinks he has Goldberg’s respect. The Bro has been getting a lot of heat for his old school conception in WWE. However, with his place in the main roster now, he’ll be just fine.

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