Soulja Boy and Randy Orton made headlines with their beef, but it was all a misunderstanding if you ask Soulja Boy.

While talking to Hot 97, Soulja Boy was asked about his beef with Randy Orton and how it all got started. If you recall, Soulja Boy and Orton threw several shots at each other online.

Soulja Boy explained that he put respect on WWE at first. He’s a fan of the older stuff, but doesn’t follow anything today. He’s still not taking back what he said about Orton.

“I said what I said about the WWE, he has a right to speak on how he feels, so I can’t knock him for that, but I’m gonna defend myself. People know I like the WWE. Back in the day, with Stone Cold and The Rock, at the end of the day, I said what I said. I’m not gonna take it back.”

Soulja Boy explained that he was in the studio and a rhyme came up about the rap game being faker than WWE. He tweeted that out, and the rest snowballed from there.

“We went back and forth, but it wasn’t anything too serious,” Soulja Boy explained. He said “it was entertainment, this is wrestling.” Orton was a bit heated at Soulja Boy, but the rapper apparently didn’t feel the same way.

Then when asked to clarify what happened, Soulja Boy said: “that’s exactly what happened.” There is no more story as far as Soulja Boy is concerned, but he did extend an offer to The Viper.

“I’m gonna get back in the lab and try to cook something up. I’ll connect you guys, let’s do it.”

We’ll have to see if Randy Orton takes Soulja Boy up on his offer to hang out in the lab with Soulja Boy. Odds are he’ll be busy, but you never know what to expect from The Viper.

In the meantime, Soulja Boy is doing just fine. He’s still trying to connect with Elon Musk as well, but he’ll probably get there.

Whose side are you in in this Soulja Boy vs Randy Orton story? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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