Mac Miller was one of the most promising artists in hip-hop, until his untimely demise. It’s been three years since the hip-hop sensation died after taking counterfeit oxytocin, which were actually mixed with fentanyl.

Cameron James Pettit was reportedly the drug dealer who sold the rapper the lethal drugs. James Pettit in turn received these drugs from Stephen Walter and Ryan Reavis.

The three are currently serving their sentences in prison, and they’ll be facing prison for 20-to-life for distributing fatally damaging fentanyl laced drugs. James Pettit took to filing a motion to be excused temporarily from prison just so that he could attend the funeral of his late-grandfather at Portola Valley, California.

James Pettit’s motion stood denied by the judge, however. His parents were willing to pay a ,000 bond each to get Pettit out of prison, but government objected on the belief that if Pettit got out, he would not return to the prison in order to finish his long remaining sentence. (


Mac Miller is still a relevant cultural figure. Miller’s brother recently called out Machine Gun Kelly for new movie which is partially based on his life. After Miller’s mother objected to an unauthorized book getting published in his name, the author shut down all the accusations against the biography.

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