Mama June’s ex has become subject to the weirdest legal misunderstanding in history. Geno Doak was issued an open bench warrant against at Macon County, Alabama because he failed to comply with the terms of his sentence.

Doak was sentenced after he failed his crack cocaine case in Alabama. The terms of his sentencing stated that he was supposed to get himself into a rehabilitation center for 120 days, where he would recover from his substance abuse.

Geno did get enrolled into a rehab, just as the terms of his jail sentencing said. However, he ended up going to rehab in South Carolina, while he was supposed to go to an Alabama rehab. (kambioeyewear) That promoted the judge to order for his arrest.

TMZ revealed the details of the case. Earlier this year, it was reported that Doak was given a 16-month sentence for his drug possession. Mama June also revealed the mind-boggling amount she spent on drugs before recovering.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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