Birdman is one of the most eccentric figures in hip-hop. The legendary rapper has been behind big stars such as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake getting their deals struck with Universal. The rapper definitely helped them, but he just revealed the extent of that help.

The rapper talked to Big Facts Podcast, where he revealed exactly how huge an amount the rappers received while getting signed to Universal. He said that Universal gave his the bag, and he gave the rappers a life-changing amount.

When Universal gave me a bag, brother, I can honestly say I gave Wayne about $400-500 million. Drake got about $500 million, and Nicki got about $300-400 million out of my pocket. No cap. You don’t believe me? Ask them.

Forbes estimated the rapper’s net worth a decade ago to be a whopping $125 million a year. He has been making major moves since then, and it at least lends credence to the fact that the rappers received half a million, each.

Birdman’s Miami mansion was recently relisted after necessary renovations and modifications, and stands to be for a whopping $33 million. The rapper also made headlines when he revealed just how much he makes from his masters.

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