Mama June Shannon has revealed some very shocking information about her dark days of addiction. With boyfriend Geno Doak, she revealed that she had spent a whooping $1 million on dope alone when she was at the height of her drug addiction.

The star told Access Hollywood that they had spent so much money to their drug dealers. She also revealed that a funny incident was what exactly forced her to go to the rehab. At one point, she had bought drugs worth $80,000 for a single-time use. After she sought $15,000 to get her “last high,” the money never really came, so she decided that it’s best to go to rehab instead and sober up.

I would say the last year of our addiction, probably a good $900,000. I went into rehab with $1.75 to my name. And I came out with nothing.

After the Mama June: Road To Redemption star came out of the rehab, she’s been 14 months sober and has learned to hustle in order to get that bread. Though things have been hard for her as she was faced with many shooting restrictions and waste of time amid COVID-19 lockdowns, she’s still done her best.


It’s so much easier for me to say, ‘Hey, I don’t want to feel this. I don’t want to go back to that. I don’t want to have my bank accounts overdrawn.

While Mama June Shannon has had a tough road dealing with drug addiction, getting arrested for suspicion on possessing drug paraphernalia, having a family that is naturally prone to having drug addictions as struggling with crippling meth addiction, she’s good on her resolve to keep off drugs for her loved ones and hopefully, she likely stay that way.

Nitish Vashishtha

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