DaBaby has been rising from the ashes. The last few months for the rapper have been spent in controversy. It all started when the rapper made homophobic and anti-AIDS comments in his Rolling Loud performance. He received strong criticism from the likes of Azealia Banks and Megan Thee Stallion.

50 Cent, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus & Nick Cannon sympathized with the rapper while giving him a helping hand. Now, Lil Wayne has become another helping hand to the rapper by collaborating with him on the track “Lonely.

DaBaby addresses his comments from the festival, raps about the death of his brother as well as talks about his downfall from the industry. In the tweet for the announcement of the song, Baby called Lil Wayne “The Best Rapper Alive.” There was a redemptive aspect to the song. Baby was recently invited by nine HIV Awareness organizations in order to have dialogue with them about the disease.

The rapper has been steering clear of anymore trouble. He recently threw a party for his kids at Chuck E. Cheese. He also attempted to get past his Rolling Loud incident with new freestyle rap. DaBaby was in another problematic situation with DONDA, and his manager explained that he didn’t stop DaBaby’s feature on the album.


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