OnlyFans is closing down the porn, but Tyga is running in for the save in a big way. The rapper is opening his own NFSW haven for online sex workers since OnlyFans left them in the lurch.

On Thursday, OnlyFans announced that they will no longer host porn on their service. That is a big blow to many people, no pun intended. Millions of dollars are not going to those workers who have grinded hard (again, no pun intended) to establish an online presence.

Now Tyga is stepping up. He dropped an Instagram post to proclaim that he is getting into the game now. He cancelled that OnlyFans subscription and is betting on himself.

Just deleted my Onlyfans, starting my own platform @myystar8 more futuristic , better quality & only 10% fee. Creators will also be able to make content of their choice!

“I know how many people make a lot of money on OnlyFans, and that’s where most of their revenue is at,” Tyga recently told Forbes. “I want to give those people hope. I pay attention to the culture. I’ve always liked to be on the pulse and see where everybody’s selling. It was just curiosity.”

We’re wishing Tyga the best of luck in this new endeavor. He’s sure to make a lot of money if he plays his cards right. Hopefully, he will be able to help out some of those online SWs who are now worrying about how they’ll continue pulling in seven figures a month by selling their NSFW content.

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Aaron Varble

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