Kendall Jenner has the monumental model’s physique, and she doesn’t shy away from showing it off. The 25-year old recently applauded her boyfriend Devin Booker on his Olympics gold medal win.

Booker and Jenner took to celebrating as they went yachting together. The couple were along with two more guests. Jenner wore a thin bikini which barely covered her body.

Her boyfriend, Devin Booker wore a simple white t-shirt along with simple black trunks. As they went yachting to the shores of Sardinia, Italy with their friends on the 19th, Jenner clicked some pics of herself with a pair of shades and a typical dad-hat on.

The couple are seen hugging in some pics. As their friends wrestled with one another, the couple cheerly laughed as they got their much needed vacation time. Team USA has scored 4 medals in the Tokyo Olympics, and Booker was sure to fully celebrate his win with Jenner.


You can check out the photos below that are garnering so much attention.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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