Dana White has a lot of headlines in his name. The UFC president makes statements about Jake Paul and beefs with him from time to time. He’s also been accused of ripping Vince McMahon off, which is more of a compliment than an accusation.

White has to be on the top of his game if he wants UFC to reach unbelievable heights. While he has Conor McGregor by his side, he desperately needs more new faces. Gable Stevenson is currently loaded with offers from NFL, WWE and NCAA. If White manages to grab the 21-year old gold medalist for UFC, it’ll create a lot of healthy anticipation.

Dana White talked with TMZ Sports, and revealed that he is going to be meeting Gable Stevenson in the weekends in Las Vegas. While it might be a congratulatory meeting, everyone suspects White to have eyes on getting the wrestling superstar to be part of the UFC.

[Gable] will be in town this weekend, and I think we’re gonna hook up and talk. “Obviously there’s a lot of work for him to do before he could make it to the UFC, but we’ll see what happens.

White & Stevenson meeting doesn’t guarantee a signing for Gable Stevenson to be part of UFC. However, we can definitely consider that UFC is a step closer to gaining a legend.

Vince McMahon has already personally reached out to Gable Steveson, so we’ll have to see whose big check he wants to cash.

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