Gable Stevenson shocked the world after winning an Olympics medal at 125kg freestyle champion. As he is crowned the highest honor possible for a wrestler, and such a thing possible for someone at the age of 21, it indicates that his potential is very high for many potential companies.

Stevenson, 21, is in a great position after pulling down a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics. That puts a target on his back given that the Minnesota native will be surrounded by offers. WWE has already started to openly show him love on social media.

The NCAA champion is a huge fan of WWE. As someone who has a great base in wrestling, he can easily rise in the ranks of mix martial arts and professional boxing, which puts great value in him for WWE & UFC.

Stevenson beat Georgia’s Geno Petriashvili and came out an Olympic Gold medal winner. There’s also the possibility that the champion could simply choose to appear in the Paris 2024 Olympics. This decision would put both WWE and UFC on the backburner. Dave Meltzer spoke to Around The Rings where he discussed how WWE might have an edge, but their competitor AEW is not interested.


“Paul Heyman (former wrestling promoter and currently an on-screen manager) has known about him long before anyone else has, back to high school and Steveson said he wants Heyman to manage him. Plus his brother Bobby is already with WWE, and he’s already been on WWE television and in the crowd at shows.”

“I haven’t heard him mentioned in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) circles but he would be a great get for them particularly if he does well.”

The UFC is likely to make an offer for Steveson as well, but Vince McMahon can afford a huge contract if he opens up his checkbook.

The champion already idealizes WWE wrestlers such as Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in the citation of his official Olympics profile. It stands to reason that he would be interested in joining WWE, and he is also in contact with Lesnar from time to time. That can’t hurt the situation.

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