If you learned how to swear by watching Kevin Smith films, then you’re in luck. Clerks III is on the way, and the original cast is returning to give quite a third entry to the franchise which started by Smith maxing out all of his credit cards.

The first look from the latest Clerks entry shows the cast in all their Mooby’s and Quick Stop greatness. We’re still waiting on details about the plot, but Kevin Smith’s characters will carry on in the story that started the Jersey Trilogy (which eventually became far more than just three films).

Nearly 30 years after the first Clerks released, fans are being treated to a third installment. View Askew will soon drop this treasure on the world. and fans should be excited to see what they do after the Jay & Silent Bob reboot left so much up in the air.

Dante, Randal, Becky, and Elias all return for this third movie, and they’re decked out in their usual costumes. We’ll have to see what kind of trouble they can get into this time around, but the film is currently shooting with a tight lid on many details.

All we know about Clerks III so far: Randal suffers a heart attack, much like Kevin Smith did in his own life. This near-death experience causes him to venture out and make a movie. The film looks to blend elements from Kevin Smith’s own life into one as an almost autobiographical piece. After all, Smith originally wrote the character of Randal for himself, and that is why he has all the best lines in the first black & white classic film.

You can check out the one snapshot we have from the film below. Odds are this will only cause fans to beg for more information, because the gang is back together for what should be an epic journey 30 years later.

What’s your take on Clerks III? Sound off in the comments!.

Aaron Varble

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