Alex Rodriguez isn’t having the best time after losing J.Lo. He doesn’t hold any sour grapes about his split with Jennifer Lopez, but that won’t stop trolls from doing their thing. Bennifer is back together, and people believe in love again. A-Rod is out J.Lo though.

A-Rod is getting trolled by symbolic chicken pizza according to TMZ. Someone named “Ben Affleck” ordered a bunch of pizzas from a Florida eatery named Bulls Bears & Squares. They dropped $141.32 on the joke.

On June 17th, Alex Rodriguez found himself the unwilling recipient of chicken pizzas. It’s unclear how many pizzas were delivered to A-Rod, but the guess is that three pizzas were ordered, plus delivery and tip that makes around $140.

The person who made the order went as “Ben Affleck.” This likely wasn’t something that the Batman star really did. This was a trolling act made by fans who wanted to make a statement about how they think A-Rod is handling things with J.Lo and Ben.

Those mail-ordered za’s were delivered to A-Rod’s huge house in the Hamptons, but it’s unclear if he ate them. We’re thinking that he’s going to let those rot before taking a bite of this attempt at comedy, even if the pranksters forgot to leave a note.

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Aaron Varble

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