Celebrity boxing is still all the rage and it seems that a new fight could be coming soon. Aaron Carter did not have any success taking on Lamar Odom, in fact he got punched around the ring, but he thinks that Soulja Boy would give him a better fight.

Carter already threw shade at Soulja Boy, a man who doesn’t get the respect he deserves for innovating the game. The former child star wants to duke it out with Young Draco. Soulja Boy had his own amazing response as he wrapped a little bit of history into his reply to this fight challenge.

Aaron Carter, whoever the f*ck you is. I just seen something in the Shade Room talking about how you wanna box? Boy, I’ll beat the candy out your pockets! Ain’t you the n**** who had the song, ‘I want candy duh duh duh duh duh duh,’ boy I’ll beat the candy out your pockets, n**** what the f*ck you talking about? Aaron Cater, who the f*ck is Aaron Carter? Aaron Carter, you’s a bitch! I’ll beat the tattoos off your face white boy!

Carter then retorted and he had a lot to say. He took the camera on a tour of his home and showed off his many albums while he was at it.


“Who am I? Seventy-five million records later that’s who I am. I know you being pulling numbers too, though, but everywhere I walk there’s millions. What’s good? I seen you boxing and training and doing all that shit. Talk all that talk, it’s okay. Meet me in that ring, you know what will happen there, right?”

Yes, he wanted candy as a kid, but that also made him a ton of money. Sadly, his career didn’t amount to his brother, Nick Carter, but Lou Pearlman still made a ton off of both brothers combined.

We can only hope that these two settle things in the ring eventually.

Who’s your money on between Aaron Carter and Soulja Boy? DOES “I WANT CANDY” STILL BOP?! Sound off in the comments!

Transcription by Thirsty

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