Working at a fast-food chain such as Burger King might not be everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes due to unhealthy work conditions, a few employees might just want to quit.

It seems that is exactly what happened as a group of former Burger King employees decided to quit their jobs after saying they were unhappy with the upper management. After quitting their jobs, the ex-employees left a message to customers on their fast food sign about the fact in a photo that ultimately went viral on social media.

“We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

According to a report by KLKN TV, the sign appeared at the fast-food restaurant near the intersection of 59th and Havelock streets. A former general manager at the restaurant Flores told KLKN that working conditions were not great, with the restaurant always understaffed and employees having to work long, hot days due to a lack of air conditioners. One employee even ended up in the hospital with dehydration.

The kitchen was understaffed, w/ employees having to work 50-60 hr weeks. The kitchen also had no air conditioning, reaching over 90 degrees. A worker was hospitalized for dehydration. Her boss said she was being a “baby.” They all quit.

Flores talked about the unhealthy working conditions at the restaurant and revealed that she was the one who went to the hospital due to dehydration.

“They have gone through so many district managers since I’ve been GM. No one has come to the store to help me out. They’re so in and out.”

Burger King released a statement to CNN where it was said that they are looking into the matter.

“The work experience described at this location is not in line with our brand values. Our franchisee is looking into this situation to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.”

Hearing such horror stories about their place of employment certainly makes it understandable as to why they up and left their jobs. We certainly hope the working conditions in the restaurant improve.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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