The NBA Playoffs can get really heated on the hardwood, but those fans take the game just as seriously as the players grinding for those stats on the scoreboard. The Clippers suffered a hard loss and their fans did not take it lightly at all. A huge brawl was captured on video to prove it.

Following the Phoenix Suns’ win over the Clippers, their fans broke out into a huge fight to cap off Game 6 of the series. It’s difficult to see what’s really happening in the chaos, but it was quite a show in the stands between Clippers and Suns fans.

Three dudes in Clippers gear went after another man in this video and it looked like one of the assailants had a beer can to assist in the damage.

The Clippers and Suns have quite a history, because Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals included fans throwing punched in Phoenix. That brawl was nothing compared to the one that broke out five games later.


The “Suns in 4” beating also went viral as one Suns fan proclaimed the team would win the series in 4 games. That didn’t happen as we just finished up game 6. This was quite a brawl from fans and there are also multiple angles of the melee.

You can check out an additional angle of the video below. This is not the best look for NBA fans, but even LeBron James called out the NBA eariler in the Playoffs for not protecting their players. There were incidents of fans throwing things on players and charges were pressed.

Perhaps, all that additional time as virtual fans during the pandemic made real fans forget how to behave in public.

What’s your take on this situation? Should the NBA have more security for the fans? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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