LeBron James and the LA Lakers didn’t move past the first round of the NBA Playoffs, and something could be done to help their overall situation. Magic Johnson has a solution that might help things out, but King James will get less time with the ball.

While speaking to ESPN’s KJZ, Magic Johnson suggested that the Lakers change up their strategy. If they took the ball from LeBron more and let someone else move it up the court then he could save himself for the playoffs, when it matters most.

“Give LeBron and A.D. a shooter,” Johnson said. “And also, tell A.D. he’s going to have to play more center now. You can’t allow him to say, ‘Hey man I don’t want to play center.’ No no no no no, first of all you’re with the Lakers and we’re trying to win. And for me, I would move LeBron back down, we’re asking him to do too much. You can’t ask LeBron to be the point guard. That means you’re working hard, you’re bringing the ball up, getting everybody into the offense, so when can LeBron rest? You have to understand we want LeBron fresh for the playoffs. So let somebody else bring it to him.”

Magic Johnson has spoken out in recent memory about how LeBron can up his game. He also warned that King James likely only has one more season left as “the man” before Kevin Durant takes that title from him. James certainly wants to avoid another “LeFlop” trend on Twitter.


There have also been calls for LeBron to take a pay cut so the Lake Show can bring on a third star to help support the team. Whatever situation they have going right now needs to change up before next season. Many are calling for some kind of a change, so we’ll have to see if Space Jam 2’s release helps things for James.

What’s your take of LeBron James’ game? Is it slipping? Sound off in the comments.

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