The Laker’s Anthony Davis has been having a pretty rough time after getting injured, but he decided to man up and go in the court anyway. While he tried his best in Game 6 against the Phoenix Suns, he couldn’t overcome his groin injury, which led him to exit early.

It’s not right to blame Davis for his last ditch effort to play in the crucial match up, Charles Barkley, Hall of Famer who is now a TNT analyst. thinks that there’s a challenge that Davis will have to face up to whenever he goes out in the court next.

I can’t believe the doctors put him out there. He should not have even have tried to play. You saw right from the jump ball. He’s a terrific kid and a hell of a player but there’s no way he should have been out there. I will say this, they will have to sit him down this summer and say, ‘there’s something going on with your training.’ From 22 to 32 you are Superman. Obviously, age and all the games take their toll. But for him to always be hurt, he’s doing something wrong. Anthony Davis has to be the best player on that team for them to be good again.

While LeBron James & Davis both had significantly little time in the field because of the injuries that they had to deal with, Davis feels that Lakers could not tap into the full potential they always had at their best.

We knew the type of team we could be when we were healthy. We just never could take advantage of our full team, the team we knew we could be.

While commenting on why he felt it was necessary to play, he explained that it was crucial for him to be competitive as it was an important match, and it was something he had to do despite not feeling good.

It never really felt good. but the competitive nature in me wanted to go out there and help the team as best as I could. My body didn’t agree. Injuries played a big part in putting us in the position we’re in. It wasn’t the same this year. We just couldn’t have our full product on the floor.

While nobody is happy with the overall performance that they Lakers put out this postseason, it’s true that once both LeBron James & Davis get their full health back, the Los Angeles Lakers will have a strong uptick in their performance.

Nitish Vashishtha

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