Los Angeles Lakers’ Anthony Davis took some precious time out of his day and in order to connect to the fans, he did an AMA (ask me anything) post on Reddit. However, it didn’t end up being a place for him to make the right connections, and fans got the best of him in what was essentially a long trolling session.

Davis faced ridicule left and right. He knew better than giving into the baits he was getting by the trolls, and instead chose to only answer a handful of answers from them. After a short while, he went live on Twitch and streamed Call Of Duty: Warzone.

The toxicity was so much in the thread that a Reddit user ended up addressing the entirety of r/NBA subreddit for how they all collectively mistreated Anthony Davis, someone who contributes a lot in the world of NBA and basketball.

The subreddit is usually home to a lot of trolls, so it’s always a tight-rope-walking act to do an AMA. Most AMA’s usually attract a lot of trolls, but luckily Davis knew better to get involved too much. However, the sheer mass of trolls commenting made it a trainwreck of an AMA.

Nitish Vashishtha

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