A new documentary series based on the sex-life of Nazi Germany’s dictator Hitler has some pretty provocative claims to make about the genocidal maniac’s past. The documentary focuses on the rumors and claims coming from historians and various people who have been studying the topic closely.

According to the documentary, Hitler was into sado-masochism, and had alleged incestuous sexual relations with his own niece, Geli Raubal. Even though he appeared to the public with the pretense of celibacy, he had a 14-year long secret relationship with Eva Braun.

Australian professor and historian Robert Kaplan revealed that according to him, it’s perfectly plausible for Hitler to have had these tendencies, as he is in compatibility with these behavioral patterns.

Sado-masochistic practices fit perfectly in with Hitler’s personality. He internalized everything he didn’t like, like the losses in his life, and he projected his rage on everybody. It’s quite feasible that somebody like that would have these sexual practices.

As per a report by The Sun from England, Hitler avidly engaged in voyeurism, had himself injected with the semen of a bull for its alleged-vigor inducing qualities and even had sexual relations with his own niece.

His niece had been found dead to an apparent suicide at Hitler’s Munich apartment. She was 19 years younger than him. Many suspect Hitler’s own role in the death of Raubal.

Nitish Vashishtha

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