Video stores don’t even really exist anymore outside of a lonely Redbox machine. That didn’t stop one Texas woman from making a very surprising discovery.

Caron McBride, of Texas, found out that she has an outstanding felony charge for an unreturned VHS rental tape of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. This tape was due back over 21 years ago.

She made this discovery while trying to get the name on her driver’s license changed. They ran her name and discovered that she dipped out on returning that rental.

The thing is that Caron said that she’s never even watched Sabrina The Teenage Witch. She assumes that it was rented by a child of someone she was dating at the time, and that rental tape caught her a felony.


This issue with Oklahoma, where the charge was filed, needed to be dealt with. She was given a case number for her felony and a number to call the Oklahoma courthouse. It was not news she expected at all.

“I called it and the lady… looked up the reference number and told me it was a felony embezzlement. I thought I was going to be have a heart attack,” she told USA Today.

The charges were dropped once the court realized that this felony charge was for an unreturned VHS tape. It’s still a situation that she’s not happy about having to go through. She also claims that felony hanging over her head “hurt me tremendously and my family.” She said it caused her to miss out on opportunities over the years, too.

At least the whole situation is over now. Perhaps, as a coping mechanism, Caron McBride can binge-watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch on Amazon Prime?

H Jenkins

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