Iron Man is championed as the fan favorite from MCU’s successful Avengers franchise. While Robert Downey Jr. has played the role of Tony Stark in many MCU movies, there have been many versions of the Iron Man suit.

While suits front the later movies are extremely futuristic and can only be made after decades and decades of work, an Iron Man-exoskeleton like suit might just be a possibility.

As per a new report by BBC, exoskeleton suits are readily becoming a more and more commonplace piece of tech. While these suits are yet to reach a level of sophistication comparable to Iron Man’s highly weaponizable suit, they can definitely do a lot of heavy lifting.

The exoskeleton suits have found their use in many different environments, and since they’re highly efficient, their upgrades are in the works. The suits can perform a bunch of functions, such as decreasing muscle fatigue and radically enhancing grip strength.


The exoskeleton suits could have a $6 billion industry by 2030. While automobile manufacturing giants such as General Motors & Fiat are ahead in the race of testing and improving these suits, it’s perhaps really soon that we might end up seeing an exoskeleton suit that can make a single

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