“N***as In Paris” is one of those timeless classics which never seems to disappear from the mainstream. The song is still famous among most people, as it was one of the leading singles from Kanye West & Jay-Z’s collaboration.

While these two rap’s most celebrated emcees have kept their collaborations to a minimum after dropping Watch The Throne, they really ended up creating something way ahead of its time.

The infamous “N***as In Paris” which was produced by Hit-Boy has managed to keep the hearts of countless fans in check. It might be its free flowing beats or the snarky attitude of the rappers, but the fact remains that the song has done so well for so long that it has become eligible to secure the Octuple Platinum status.

What the Octuple Platinum status means is that the album has sold over the equivalent of eight million album units. While the song has reached the octuple platinum status after over 9 years of its release, hopefully it’ll reach the diamond plaque status real soon.

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