The GOAT debate will never be truly settled as long as good basketball players keep rising the ranks in the NBA through their amazing skill and talent. The classic names in the GOAT list are Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan & LeBron James.

Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant are both recognized for their indomitable two-way game play. However, somebody from the Warrior’s thinks that James doesn’t have what it takes to be included in the GOAT NBA players. Golden State Warrior’s Kelly Oubre Jr. had this to say when he showed up as a guest on The Complex Sports Podcast.

This game today is a little bit more soft. To call anybody a GOAT is disrespectful to… the hard-earned award Mike and Kobe have won.

While he criticized the state of NBA in today’s world while comparing it with the olden days, he also failed to include LeBron James in the GOAT players. This is not something James’ fans are going to forgive easily, because James’ image as an all-rounder with all the skills in his bag is hard to argue against. Oubre Jr. continued to say:

This recreation at this time is a little bit bit extra delicate. To name anyone a GOAT is disrespectful to… the hard-earned award Mike and Kobe have gained.

While talking about players who truly have an outstanding legacy behind them, Oubre Jr. said that Michael Jordan is really one of the GOATs to have ever played in the NBA.

Mike is obviously the GOAT, because of the simple fact that he just wouldn’t deny whenever be denied. He played through a lot of injuries; he played through a lot of things people don’t even know about and he got his championship rings in the shortest amount of time with the best winning percentage of going into the finals and taking over games, taking over a whole era.

While Oubre Jr. is enjoying his own rise in the Warriors while averaging at  15.1 points and 5.9 rebounds per game in the current season, he’s close to becoming the third best player after Steph Curry & Andrew Wiggins. However, with the trading deadline coming soon, he might be on his path to another team. Stay tuned for more.

Nitish Vashishtha

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