Rick Ross is one of the most sensational rappers of all time. While he has practically everything a man could ever want – including a mansion which is so royal that it was used to portray the fictional Zamundan Palace in Coming 2 America – he is not just done yet.

After taking to Instagram, Ross showcased his motorcycle that is various level apart from any other motorcycle you have ever seen. While the motorcycle is huge in proportions, there is something else that sets it apart.

As the leader of the Maybach Music Group, Ross is one of the most daring individuals. While it is unclear whether he will be using the motorcycle for the purposes of shooting a music video or just straight flexing, but he certainly has quite a significant vehicle at his hands.

The motorcycle is black in color, has golden rims while being loaded with speakers both on the rear and the front. While Rick Ross is a fan of stunting and engages in stunts himself fairly well, it is possible that the only stunts he’s going to be pulling on this automobile would being aural ones.

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