Kodak Black is one of the most industrious artists of all time. Throughout his adult life, he’s always had legal problems. That has made him realize that he might not always be in circumstances where writing and recording new music is possible.

After Black’s prison sentence was cut short by the magnanimity of former President Donald Trump, he has been working non-stop to create music that he’ll slowly showcase as the time goes. The artist has reportedly recording a whooping 167 number of songs since his pardon.

Kodak is not exactly free though, since he’s still fighting a bunch of cases in different states of the country. The awareness that he could be locked up if things go wrong legally made him unbelievably productive.

After an unnamed source close to the rapper revealed that he wrote and produced 167 songs in the course of only 2 months, it means that he has about 15 albums worth of material, completely locked and loaded should he have a need to release some.


While the rapper has been having beefs left and right, he has managed to be productive at the pace that most free rappers cannot imagine. It is unclear as of now until when the fans are going to be left waiting, but with all this music ready to go, you can expect something from Kodak Black pretty soon.

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