Kodak Black was recently pardoned out of federal prison, though his strong social media presence makes it seem like he had never actually left us. The rapper is extremely active on social media as he gives other rappers a hard time and doing pretty extensive livestreams.

While the artist hasn’t really gotten in his musical groove yet, he’s been on a grind and has been teasing new music for a while now. Finally, the artist confirmed a new release by the preview he put out through Instagram called “Drive The Boat.”

Roll out the Benz like a bodybuilder/ I shoot a n*gga in the head I face time a n*gga/ I told her man don’t call my phone when I be vibin with her/Drop her a bracelet off the drone cus I’m a fly lil n*gga/Everything I say turn into a quote boy go ask Meg thee Stallion/I ask her let me drive the boat they thought I was Lil Yachty

Kodak initially wanted a full-on beef with Megan for taking his phrase “drive the boat” without any credit, it seems that he feels differently for the whole thing now.


While Kodak is deviating from his usual stance, it seems that he is in the end signaling that he is the true originator for “Drive The Boat.” It is nice to see though that he is the first one to end the beef this time.

Nitish Vashishtha

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