While sweet sixteens are a big deal for all families, very few 16-year olds actually get a Mercedes as a birthday present.

Kevin Hart gifted his his daughter Heaven a brand new Mercedes SUV on her sixteenth birthday during her OTT party. Clips from the epic moment were shared on the Instagram story of bDASHd Event Planning And Baker, the company that arranged the bash. The incredible setup at the event included a gorgeous set dinner table, a video game area, an outdoor movie theater, and even candy boxes with the birthday girl’s pic on them!

The video shows Heaven being presented with the new car, which had two big red bows on it. She rocked a gray “Jaws” T-shirt over a long-sleeved white shirt, black pants and black sneakers as she was being brought outside to the vehicle and looked surprised as a large group of partygoers surrounded her and took pictures.

Heaven wasted no time in checking out her new wheels as she opened the doors, sat and looked inside. She also stopped to pose for photos with her parents while standing in front of the car.


Our warmest wishes to Heaven and don’t we all wish we could be Kevin Hart’s children.

Teresa Williams

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