Rapper Kid Cudi is sorely missing Kendrick Lamar.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Kendrick Lamar. The launch of pGLang has fans wondering what he’ll do next while we’ve been hearing more and more about his forthcoming effort through the grapevine. Unfortunately, nothing concrete is known about his next album.

Obviously, everyone is missing Lamar, including Kid Cudi who posted about it on Twitter last night. wrote. Cudi posted a screenshot of Lamar’s lyrics from the hook to “Solo Dolo Part II.” 

“I miss Kendrick,”


The rapper continued to reminisce as he continued to share lyrics and a few highlights from his 2013 effort, Indicud which featured the now AWOL Lamar.

We definitely are waiting in bated breath for Lamar’s reappearance in the rap game and are excited about what he has to offer.

Teresa Williams

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