Ever since Kodak Black came out of the prison after being pardoned by the former U.S. President Donald Trump, he’s been treating time as the most precious resource. While he spends some of his time starting beefs and taking credits from other artists, he’s also been very active in making and dropping some new tunes.

The artist hasn’t dropped an album after his 2018 release, Dying To Live, which features some of his best work and will probably stand as a testament to the rapper’s musical prowess for a long time.

While his fans were dismayed after his sudden prison sentence, they’ve held hope since and remained very patient for Kodak to get back into the groove. Now the rapper is ready to reclaim his fame and showcase his musical genius once again. The rapper took to Instagram, and from the looks of it, his next release will be a four-way feature between Kodak, WizDaWizard, WamSpinThaBin, and Syko Bob.

Black captioned the preview with “2021 To The Death We Applying Pressure Accordingly,” suggesting that he is ready to focus and make this year his own. While his confidence might seem like it’s a bit too much, we must remember that Kodak indeed is an extraordinary rapper who has a lot of potential to be way bigger than he is right now.

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