Drakeo The Ruler went a little ahead of himself and made some bold claims about how much better he is than every other rapper in California. While he said that he is the best rapper in the entirety of California, he didn’t realize that he is undermining the biggest names in rap such as Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, G-Eazy, Ice Cube & Donald Glover.

Since Drakeo was busy hyping himself up and unnecessarily flexing on other rappers, The Game & Snoop Dogg were carefully spectating him and saw a larger pattern emerging out of Californian rappers.

Drakeo took a shot at Californian rappers, particularly Snoop Dogg, who he said that no one below the age of 30 even listens to him.

His words started a lot of debate among rappers about how bad the Californian scene has gotten. The Game and Snoop Dogg in particular had something interesting to say about that.

The Game is concerned about the severe the lack of harmony that persists among young rappers these days is. He talked about how he went out of his way to have fun with other rappers from the city to keep a sense of unity. The tweet was posted on The Shade Room’s Instagram page, which sparked comments from Snoop Dogg as well as singer Lyrica Anderson.

Nitish Vashishtha

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