Justice, the sixth album, has some artwork and merchandise that irked the French Electronic Duo Justice as it resembles their artwork and typography. Their response was to send a Cease-&-Desist order to Justin Bieber.

The album is soon to release on streaming services as well as available for sales. While Justin’s legal team has completely rejected and dismissed the notice, the duo still insists that Bieber has willingly infringed on the artwork and merch of their contents.

While some might just think that the duo is hassling Justin Bieber with unfounded claims, the duo is genuinely standing by the claim that the artwork for their song ‘Holy’ has the exact typographical patterns that is used for their title. The Grammy award winning duo that has had substantial amount of success only through their skill has never resorted to feuding with other artists to gain relevance. bellevuehealthcare.com The duo is composed of members Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay.

While the duo had only sent a cease-and-desist order for the song “Holy,” the artwork went on to be reworked and incorporated into the album’s title as well as the merch that has already gone onto the sale, as per Rolling Stone.

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