Singer Billie Eilish effortlessly carries off her neon-green-and-black hair, not for long as the singer has dyed her hair platinum blonde!

On Wednesday, the singer dyed her trademark hair platinum blonde marking the start of a new era in her life and her music.

While fans have been expecting the change and suspected the “Therefore I Am” singer has been wearing a wig for a while,  Eilish took to TikTok on Wednesday to reveal the wig she wore to hide her blonde hair , sharing in the comments that she’s been sporting it for “like 2 months.”

With comments ranging from “What in the Hannah Montana,” to “This is why I have trust issues,” it’s safe to say Eilish’s revelation was a win.


Eilish’s hairstylist Lissa Renn had also posted a (now-deleted) video showing how she lightened the superstar’s locks, a harrowing process that took six weeks to complete.

The Grammy winner’s effortlessly sported hair colors ranging from blue to black to lavender over the past few years.

Only time will tell what career changes the singer will make after changing her look.

Teresa Williams

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