Jin Choe, better known as Jinsanity, faced getting a ban after cheating in an NBA 2K League eSports event. Being a member of the original draft class by the Wizards District Gaming, he started playing back in 2018.

Jinsanity played for the Nets Gaming Club in a NBA 2K21 MyTeam $250,000 Tournament where after being found out to be cheating, he had to be banned after official consideration.

The Nets Gaming Crew gave a statement on Twitter, which was a confirmation for Brendan Donohue, the league’s managing director’s statement.

Jinsanity seems to have violated a very crucial rule, which is that no player is supposed to use an account other than their own MyTeam account in order to qualify the prelims and the advanced qualification rounds as well.


In a Twitter post, Jinsanity expressed his anger towards the NBA 2K League, suggesting that there are more intricate schemes going on that the public isn’t really made aware of.

Nitish Vashishtha

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