On Sunday, Deadline revealed that Derek Chauvin, the police officer who has been charged for murdering George Floyd, will stand not only in front of a jury, but the whole world after the decision of televising and streaming his trial was made.

The trial will be available to watch on Court TV, while streaming simultaneously on Peacock’s Law & Crime. The officer’s actions were covered in a video where he was seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than 9 minutes. After the video went viral, riots sprang up in the entire U.S. and the Black Lives Matter movement was sparked with a greater fury.

The city of Minneapolis, where the incident happened, became engulfed in rioting at first, which then went on to become a nation-wide occurrence. The city has been barricading due to anticipating rioting as reactionaries might start to protest.

The trial of Derek Chauvin will be one of the most monitored and widely broadcasted legal endeavors in recent history, since it would be available for anyone to watch. In order for Chauvin to be proven guilty, it has to be shown that he acted without any regard to human life.


The other police officers who were accompanying him at the time, namely  J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas K. Lane, and Tou Thao, face the charges of aiding and abetting murder and manslaughter. Their trial will begin in the upcoming summer.

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