Rapper Too $hort is a veteran in the world of Hip-Hop since he started his career way back in the 80s. It is likely that the rapper has recorded several hours worth of music that fans never got to hear.

This includes a collaboration with Dr. Dre called “Man’s Best Friend,” which was recorded during the Detox sessions. While speaking to HipHopDX, Too $hort talked about the time Dr. Dre made him say the word ‘pussy’ for four consecutive hours during the recording of the song.

“I did an eight-hour session to record the verse, then I did an eight-hour session to touch up the verse, and then he called me back for four hours just to say ‘the pussy’ for four hours,” he explained. “And when he played it back, I had no regrets. I never sounded like that in my life, and I only heard it a few times. I never got to hear it that much anymore. Other people told me about it, but it’s just one of those things, man. It’s in the universe somewhere. It was for Detox, but he also made 200 plus other songs for Detox, no shit.”

The rapper then went on to explain his experience working with Dr. Dre and also mentioned the advice given to him by Snoop Dogg before he started working with Dr. Dre.

“I’m a studio guy, man, so I did my research,” he said. “I was like… I never worked with Dre, man, let me call some people that worked with Dre, and just see what’s up, just feel it out. And people kept saying, ‘It’s hard to work with Dre. It’s hard to work with Dre.’ Then I talked to Snoop, and he said, ‘Most motherfuckers can’t hang with Dr. Dre in the studio. He’ll break you down to your least compound and just shrivel you up, and you just walk out of there with your tail tucked between your fucking legs.’

He continued, “Snoop said, ‘It’s not going to make sense, some of the shit he tell you. Just do it. Whatever he says do, just do it.’ He said, ‘Don’t argue. Don’t get beside yourself. Just do it.’ So when he had me saying ‘the pussy’ for four hours, I was just like, ‘All right. We going to do this shit, Dre. Whatever the fuck,’ because I’m like, ‘I’m not leaving with my tail between my legs, bro. Whatever you, I’ma say.’

The rapper then revealed he had brought a woman during the recording session and she had an interesting reaction to the word ‘pussy’ being said so much.

“I had a chick with me that day,” he said. “She was hanging out with me, one of my little regulars, and she… ’cause Dre kept saying, he said, ‘say ‘the pussy,’ so I’m like, ‘the pussy.’ Then he got me. He’s like, ‘say the pussy!’ So now, I’m going, ‘the pussy!’ And he’s like, ‘No, the pussy!’ We did that shit for four fucking hours. She said, ‘Y’all had my pussy so wet.’ She said, ‘Y’all said the pussy so much, I was just sitting up there wet. Y’all just kept saying the pussy.’ She said, ‘My pussy was reacting.’

Rapper Dr. Dre will be making an appearance on an upcoming collaborative album that features $hort, E-40, Cube and Snoop Dogg, as a quartet. Fans are certain to enjoy the upcoming album.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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