Rapper sensation Cardi B has released several hit singles and albums that have entertained fans for years. She is also engaged in other projects and now it seems the rapper will be taking one of her projects to the next level.

While speaking to Today, the rapper made a huge announcement to the world that she will be releasing her own doll and it is likely dolls for other artists will be made as well.

Cardi B explained the reasoning behind her move:

“I have a 2-year-old, right? And I buy dolls every time I go to Target and they expensive. Somebody came with this idea to me and I’m like, ‘That is great because I would love my daughter to play with a doll that looks like me.’ I mean, all these other dolls look like me, I might as well make one for myself. But then I also came up with a plan, because these dolls are supposed to represent different women. So I feel like after mine drops, I want to drop a doll of different artists. Then I also want to do fun things on Instagram and I want women that have different careers than me to tell me a little bit about their life and everything, and I want to pick them and I don’t know, maybe I have a doll and she’s a doctor, she’s a nurse, you know what I’m saying? Just different types of women and I want to display them and I want them to look beautiful just like me.”


“Growing up, I ain’t never seen a doll that looks like me, you know what I’m saying? I ain’t never seen a doll that really represents me. You go to the doll aisles when you’re my age, it’s either like there’s a real white one, there’s a real dark one, and there’s like barely one that’s in the middle. None of them have my style, none of them have my flavor. I want a doll that represents me.”

Cardi B then explained that in order to get the doll, customers can get on a waiting list on the Real Women Are website. The doll is expected to hit retail stores in July of this year and will sell for $35.

The site also noted the following: “This exclusive limited-edition drop is only available for 72 hours, and will never be available again.”

We certainly wonder whether anyone will actually end up buying the doll, seeing as it looks somewhat creepy.

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