Actor Aldis Hodge was on a Zoom call with Reginald Johnson and Malyia McNaughton that was meant to be a celebration of Black History Month, instead became subject to uninvited racism.

While on the call, a bunch of racists came in uninvited and started using inappropriate language on call. It all started when someone suddenly interrupted their conversation on the Zoom call, saying:

Aldis Hodge, my n*****. I heard you’re like a famous actor, my guy.

When Malyia tried to shrug it off and carry the conversation forward about the importance of Black History Month, another one of the uninvited trolls said:


When’s white history month?

At that point, everyone was pretty much annoyed. After another one of the faceless trolls threw in the n-word, Aldis asked:

If you’re brave enough to speak to me in such a callous way, I would love to see your face so we can speak face to face.

None of the trollers responded to the request, and Aldis labelled them racist “cowards” before going on with the meeting. While the racists tried to bomb Aldis’ Zoom call, they failed horribly, which serves them right.

Checkout the footage of what Aldis and his friends went through here:

Nitish Vashishtha

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